6ml Dual Coil Tank

6ml Dual Coil Tank

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Be dazzled at the stunning look of this Dual Coil 6ml, 1.5 tank cartomizer. With brilliant polished chrome end pieces and a plastic drip tip. 

The tank tubing comes in 6 fantastic colors and a huge 6ml capacity. and comes supplied with a dedicated cartomizer and drip tip.

Filling Guide:

It is important to remember when priming a new unused DCT cartomizer for the first time that you take your time to ensure the e-liquid is soaked well into the filler material. Each DCT kit will contain 1 silicone seal which is used after the cartomizer primed.

1. Remove the plastic drip tip.

2. Holding the whole DCT at an angle drip e-liquid onto the sidewall rotating the cartomizer as you do so. Continue to drip liquid into the cartomizer until the liquid just sits on top of the wadding and wont take any more e-liquid, this can take up to 5 minutes.

3. Avoid allowing the e-liquid to enter the central core of the cartomizer as the e-liqiud will travel down the central tube and drip out of the bottom.

4. After priming the cartomizer, withdraw the cartomizer a short way from the tank, tilt the artomizer at a slight angle and drip the liquid down the wall of the tank, when the tank is filled sufficiently, push the cartomizer back into position taking care not to damage the O ring in the top.

5. Insert the provided silicone seal flat side up into the cartomizer, replace the drip tip and your DCT is fully primed and ready.

6. After screwing on the battery, take 2 cold priming vapes without pressing the power button, this is to get the air circulating, after this the DCT will be ready to vape.

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